15 May

Do you remember road trips as a kid? I feel like they were the highlights of my childhood. Seriously, there was something so exciting about packing up special snacks and activities and getting ready to climb into the back rear facing seats of my aunt and uncle's station wagon. Where were we going? Didn't really matter. The journey was so exciting. It was time to experience new. Time to reflect on the world around me.  Time to connect with others in ways usually impossible in the hectic day to day (like as a kid I thought life was already hectic!).

Each of the trips was different, even if we expected them to be the same. Often my cousin would be sitting next to me ready to share in the experience. We began having great plans for what was to come and were always intrigued by what came next.

This journey idea is what I see a lot of life to be. So much so, it tends to be a word I overuse. As I tell my wife, I'm a communicator! Overusing words, or just talking too much, is what I do! When I need to write or share about my thoughts or experiences, or even about the lives of others, that word journey predominates.

So, as I began to think about an opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, or just to continue to connect with the world around me through a blog, that word journey continued to stand out. That's what I hope this blog encourages, inspires and relates with. I hope that as we connect together through this blog, through the simple thoughts and words I share or the incredible insights you comment with, we are able to be inspired and encouraged on our individual journeys. Journeys can be planned for and a lot can be expected. Yet what I've found is they are always different than we thought. Sometimes in great ways, sometimes in small.

I really don't know where this journey of a blog will take us. I'm apprehensive of the idea of taking something on I may fail at. I'm nervous about the idea that anyone would think I think too much of myself by putting my thoughts out there in the blog world like this. I really don't think that much of me, really. I do love people though. So if I can connect with even one this way, if I can find a way to grow in my journey and encourage and inspire even one, even you, then I'm ready to take the risk for this new journey, together.

So I've packed up my blog site, found some of my favorite stories, arranged some of the thoughts as I go through life, and ready to start. I make no promises of where we'll end up, this journey is going to be for the journey's sake. So what do you say? 

Here. We. Go.

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